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When one imagines a butterfly, we often think about the metamorphosis. The transformation from a humble caterpillar to a radiant butterfly. My journey has been just this, a journey of growth, perseverance and rebirth. Every transformation begins with a single decision to embrace change. For me, my journey began amidst spreadsheets and financial reports in the heart of my career as an accountant.

Navigating through spreadsheets, crunching numbers and deriving logical solutions, I learned to simplify complex challenges and bring clarity to data, but within the corner of those quiet offices I discovered my passion to inspire and empower others. My experience of an environment that sometimes stifled that passion, I felt the undercurrents of being undervalued, having too many ideas but too little scope. This was the catalyst that fueled my mission: to empower women to dream big and to guide them in transforming these dreams into a tangible, profitable reality.

This is the spirit behind Business Butterflies, a haven for women with a burning entrepreneurial spirit, ready to transform their businesses and lives.

Business coaching for women in business
Emily Coy, Business Butterflies

A Woman On A Mission

I empower female business owners like you with clear goals and business knowledge, enabling you to grow successful businesses through my structured coaching programmes using tried and tested methods.

My Core Values


High standards of expertise combined with conducting myself in a professional manner, are at the heart of everything I do.


I believe in honesty, transparency, and consistency in all my actions.


I strive to infuse joy and positivity in my clients' journey towards your business goals.


I treat every client with kindness, respecting your unique needs and values.


I value being well- prepared to ensure effective and efficient client service.

My Promise To You

Business Butterflies promises to empower businesswomen like you to achieve more than you ever imagined by offering an empathetic, reliable, and personalised business coaching experience grounded in honesty, respect, and commitment.

I provide a genuine, ethical, and structured coaching experience that addresses your business needs and resonates with your lifestyle, values, and aspirations. Partnering with a business growth coach will give you the tools you need to scale your business and finally spread your wings.

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