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Business coaching for female entrpreneurs

At Business Butterflies, we’re passionate about guiding small business owners on their journey towards sustainable business success.

Founded by me, Emily Coy, my services uniquely blend financial acumen with empathetic support and I am proud to be a small business coach committed to female entrepreneurs.

Based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and available remotely for female entrepreneurs throughout the UK

Why choose Business Butterflies?

Tailored Coaching

I understand the unique hurdles faced by women in business. My coaching is specially designed to address your individual challenges, ensuring you navigate and flourish.

Proven Methodology

To grow your business, I harness the power of the tried-and-tested Pumpkin Plan methodology, created by American author Mike Michalowicz

Genuine Partnership

I value authenticity and transparency. As your growth partner, my commitment is unwavering, grounded in honesty, respect, and empathy

Expert Guidance

Leverage my expertise and business acumen for practical insights. Benefit from a business coach who not only understands the theory but can navigate the reality of growing a business

Personal Empowerment

Our aim is to empower you to take control, make informed decisions, and transform your entrepreneurial dreams into a thriving profitable business.

Individual Client Case Studies: The

Transformative Power of Business


Small business coaching, Derbyshire

Our Programmes


6-Month Pumpkin Programme:

Our comprehensive growth journey tailored to foster success at every business stage


Growth Sprint Packages:

Quick, intensive sessions to tackle specific business challenges and accelerate growth

Emily Coy, Business Butterflies, small business coach

At Business Butterflies, I firmly believe that every woman possesses the potential to run a successful business. My vision is to transform female-owned businesses across Derbyshire and beyond, through my business coaching services, creating a network of successful, confident business women who support each other and keep the spirit of entrepreneurship alive.

Are you ready for a transformation?

Business Butterflies isn't just a coaching service; it's a support system, a guide, and a cheerleader for every woman ready to spread her wings. Remember that every butterfly was once just a caterpillar. The power to transform lies within you and I am here to help take the first step towards your success story

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