Growth Sprint Programmes

Growth Sprint quick coaching packages

If you don't have time for a 6-month strategy and need a business coaching programme that's going to give you the tools you need right now, my Growth Sprint Programmes could be the package you're looking for.

What's It All About?

  • For business owners who don't have time for a 6-month strategy

  • Each Growth Sprint focuses on one specific problem or area of business

  • Time frame aligned to you

  • Get targeted solutions to your specific problem

  • Clear obstacles that prevent your business from growing

All Growth Sprints can be delivered in weekly 2-hour sessions lasting three weeks, or if you want rapid results, simply do it in a day!

Growth Sprint Options...

Unique Offering Growth


Profitability Growth


Systemisation Growth


Vision, Mission & Values Growth Sprint

Top Client Growth Sprint

Here’s what you’ll get ...

Business Growth Coaching

Personalised 121 coaching bespoke to your business problems and your personal requirements

Solutions to move you forward

Structured programme targeting a specific business area resulting in solutions to move you forward

Action Plan

Get clear next steps to get unstuck and grow your business from one of the only UK Pumpkin Plan Programme strategists

Book your call with me to make sure we're a good fit before we get started.

Should I invest in business coaching?

Still on the fence about it?

Despite my promises to you, and no matter how good this all sounds, committing to business coaching can be a tough decision, for both reasons of cost and trust. And I agree, coming from a financial background I'm all about the numbers, and it's not worth you investing in something you can't afford.

Trust too, takes time to build, particularly if you've been burned by unethical coaching practices in the past. I think the best way through these obstacles, is to talk about them. I'm always willing to have a conversation, a chance for us to get to know one another a little more, and for you and me to decide whether or not we're a good fit. So, book a call with me and let's talk, so that we can find out together whether the Growth Sprint Programme is the right programme for you.

Invest in Success

Investment required £750 plus VAT per Growth Sprint.

6 Hours delivered over a time to suit you

Payment Plan Available

Business coaching growth sprint packages

Why Trust me?

  • Dedicated small business growth coach

  • Business mentoring included

  • Affordable coaching for female business owners

  • Helping you to learn how to stay consistent with goals

  • Financial oversight to help you plan

  • Free business tools available to clients


What is business coaching?

Business coaching helps entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners reach their goals through personalised guidance, support, and accountability. A business coach can provide strategic advice, help develop leadership skills, and assist with improving systems and processes.

How is business coaching different from consulting?

Business consultants typically provide specific recommendations and action plans on a project basis. Coaches take a broader approach to support their clients' overall professional and personal development on an ongoing basis.

What areas can you help me improve?

Business coaches help clients in many areas including leadership development, business strategy, marketing, financial management, team building, work-life balance, and more. I work with clients to identify their unique goals and challenges.

What is your coaching approach?

My coaching approach is collaborative and personalised to each client's needs. We have regular sessions combining discussion of goals and challenges with brainstorming solutions. I provide support, accountability, and an outside perspective.

Do you have experience in my industry?

I have worked with clients from diverse industries including technology, manufacturing, professional services, retail, healthcare, and more. My coaching is not limited to specific business niches but rather focuses on fundamental leadership and management skills.

How much does coaching cost?

My fees vary depending on the scope of coaching and frequency of sessions. I offer packages to meet different needs and budgets. Please contact me for a complimentary introduction call to discuss how I can best support you.

Emily Coy, UK Pumpkin Plan Strategist

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Ready to transform your business into what you always intended it to be? Ready to get clear about your direction, become focused on your intentions and take the action you haven't been able to take so far? Let's go! Book a call to get started.

Check out our Growth Sprint Packages

Feel like investing in a 6-month plan isn't for you and want a quicker way to untangle the knot you find yourself in? Find out more about our quick, intensive sessions to tackle specific business challenges and accelerate growth.

Need Something Else?

Got a specific problem that doesn’t fit into any of the above programmes? It’s ok, you can book in for a 2-hour ‘Special Session’. This will allow you the time and space to discuss your issue in detail with me, I'll act as a sounding board, advisor and critical friend. Book a call to find out more.

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